Smelly Cast

Smelly Cast

CastCooler® provides immediate relief!

Click the "play button" to view the video on the right to see how the CastCooler immediately relieves itch and odor. By creating a gentle vacuum on the outside of your cast or splint, air flow is directed through the lining of your cast/splint. This air flow immediately removes moisture and cools your skin. Without touching your skin, bacteria, itch and odor are significantly reduced, and your cast stays fresh.

Cast Moisture Trouble Spots: Knee, Elbow, Heel:

The CastCooler is uniquely designed for application to the knee, elbow or heel, areas where moisture typically collects in the lining of your cast. These are also areas that are difficult to dry due to perspiration, bathing or when water accidentally wets the cast lining. These areas are a snap to dry with the CastCooler.

Cool and Dry Your Entire Cast:

You may apply the CastCooler to any area on the outside of a breathable (fiberglass) orthopedic cast. Lightly stretch the CastCooler around the cast and cling the blue wrap onto itself.

How to Connect Vacuum:

Connect a standard vacuum hose (household vacuum cleaner, shop vac, central vac, etc.) to the nozzle connection of the CastCooler. Turn vacuum on. Relax and enjoy the cooling sensation of moisture being removed from the lining through your cast. Allow the flow of fresh air to completely dry your cast lining within minutes. Move the CastCooler to dry/cool other areas of your cast as needed. Repeat as often as desired or when your cast becomes moist or uncomfortable.

Fit to all limbs and sizes, child to adult:

The CastCooler accommodates all limb sizes and shapes by conforming to irregularities and sealing against the cast or splint. If the wrap is longer than necessary, simply trim the wrap with scissors as indicated by the "cut here" guidelines provided. Reapply the CastCooler.

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CastCooler brings cooling relief to AAOS in New Orleans and NAOPA/NAOT in Memphis!

CastCooler brings cooling relief to AAOS in New Orleans and NAOPA/NAOT in Memphis!

The CastCooler made its debut at the National Association of Orthopedic Physicians Assistants and National Association of Orthopedic Technicians' annual meeting in Memphis (NAOPA/NAOT). The CastCooler continued to bring cooling relief the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) as nearly 10,000 orthopedic surgeons gathered from around the world for their annual conference in New Orleans. Nearly every orthopedic surgeon who tried the CastCooler requested that this Breakthrough in Cast Care be available to their patients through their clinics. CastCooler distribution now covers the primary US states and 5 countries globally.

CastCooler® is a Proud Sponsor of the National Association of Orthopaedic Technologists

Relieve Cast/Splint Itch, Rash & Odor
Cool & Freshen Your Cast or Splint
Speed-Dry Your Cast/Splint
One size fits all breathable casts and splints:
  - Wrist, arm, foot, leg or Hip Spica Cast
  - Child through Adult
May reduce skin maceration
May reduce skin infection

CastCooler is easy to use.

Gina B. - Sandiego, CA

After spending this evening with the screaming four-year-old when I put this on her this evening this was the first time she smiled all night. She just had her cast placed on today and I'm so happy I paid the $40 for this at the orthopedics office. Thank you! Angelica B., Mom.

Fresh Air Cools & Drys your Cast or Splint.

Fresh Air Cools & Drys your Cast or Splint.

Orthopedic Clinics recognize the CastCooler benefit.

Orthopedic Clinics recognize the CastCooler benefit.

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