CastCooler: a Breakthrough in Cast Care!
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FAQ's for Medical Professionals

Clinical research has well established the benefits of breathable orthopedic cast. However, the buildup of moisture in the lining of the cast still causes bacteria to grow. This bacterium is the source of odor and itch. The CastCooler™ is uniquely designed to aerate the typically troublesome areas of heels, knees, and elbows where moisture collects. Without moisture, bacteria growth is nearly eliminated, odor and itch are reduced while patient comfort and satisfaction are increased. Without moisture, skin infection and skin maceration are likely to also be reduced significantly.

What is the CastCooler™?
The CastCooler is a newly patented device that the patient uses in conjunction with an orthopedic cast to remove the moisture that collects in the lining of the cast. This moisture causes bacterium to grow and results in cast odor and itch.
What changes in cast application or preparation are needed to use the CastCooler™?
None whatsoever. Apply the breathable orthopedic cast as you normally would.
How often and how long can my patients use the CastCooler™?
The CastCooler can be used as often as needed to remove excess moisture in the cast lining. Generally, the CastCooler is used as needed by the patient for approximately 10 minutes, or until the cast lining is dry.
How does the CastCooler™ work with a cotton cast liner?
The CastCooler dries cotton or blended cotton completely. It does not matter if the moisture is from perspiration, from accidental wetness while bathing or from a run through the sprinkler. The CastCooler removes moisture so bacteria growth is reduced. Without bacteria, odor and itch are reduced, patient comfort is increased.
How does the CastCooler™ work with washable cast liners such as W.L. Gore's Procel®, 3M's Scotchcast™ Wet or Dry Cast Padding, BSN's Delta-Dry ®, DeRoyal's Waterpruf™, Ossur's QUICKDRY™, etc?
The CastCooler works ideally with washable cast liners by quickly drying the lining after swimming or bathing. However, you MUST use a vacuum that can accommodate liquid water (wet/dry compatible vacuum). Simply allow the excess water to drain from the cast then apply the CastCooler to the outside of the orthopedic cast. Connect a wet/dry compatible vacuum and completely remove moisture in a fraction of the time it would take to air-dry the washable lining.
How long does it take to completely dry a washable cast liner using a CastCooler® after bathing or swimming?
The CastCooler will completely dry a washable cast liner in a fraction of the time of ambient drying. The actual time will vary depending upon different factors such as cast thickness, moisture content, etc. Typically, a patient should be able to completely dry a washable cast lining in about 10 to 20 minutes. This compares with an average of up to 2 hours to dry the same lining when left to dry without the CastCooler (recent clinical results as reported in The Journal-Nat't Assn. of Orthopedic Technologists (vol. 10 issue 1, case study, pg 10).
Why is the CastCooler® needed with washable cast liners?
While the washable cast liner improves the typical problems associated with casting, problems remain. The Journal of the National Association of Orthopedic Technologists reports that "Odor and itching were reported in 27% for one major washable cast liner supplier." The problem is residual moisture that must be removed completely and frequently. The CastCooler completely removes moisture from the lining.
Why are all major casting suppliers introducing washable cast liners?
A compelling case can be made for washable cast liners and against them. The Journal of the National Association of Orthopedic Technologists reports that washable cast liners are "more difficult to apply", that "many are unwilling to spend the time to become proficient [in applying them].", they are "less resistant to cut-through", "more expensive than cotton and synthetic padding", "patients can become uncomfortable with the sticky, rubbery feel of the liner...", and most importantly, "The mean drying time for all casts was 2 hours."

However, if you have worn a cast, the odor and itch make you want to wash it clean with water. Question remains, are your patients willing to wait 2 hours for their washable cast liner to drip dry? The CastCooler will dry the cast in minutes!
Don't washable cast liners solve skin maceration and infection?
The Journal of the National Association of Orthopedic Technologists reports that with one major washable cast liner supplier, skin maceration sill occurred in 8% of the patients while odor and itching were reported in 27%. So, there is still residual moisture that is causing problems. The CastCooler is designed to address this residual moisture by completely drying the cast lining. Now you can see why we called it the CastCooler. We remove the moisture and freshen the cast wearing experience.
What is the retail price of the CastCooler®?
The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the CastCooler is $39.99.
Can I inventory the CastCooler®?
Yes, you may order and stock the CastCooler which will be available in case quantities shipped directly to your clinic/office for resale to your patients.
What is the wholesale price of the CastCooler®?
The CastCooler is available wholesale for resale to your customers. Please request additional information regarding pricing, quantities, etc. via our contact page. Please be sure to inclue your phone contact information.
When will the CastCooler® be available?
The CastCooler is available now. Visit our Order Page to place your order and we will ship it today!
How can I order the CastCooler®?
The CastCooler is available for US based resellers in retail packs of 12 ct. half-cases or 24 ct. case quantities. Contact us for details at 1-888-422-7882.
How can a one-size product fit all limbs?
The CastCooler is made from materials specifically selected to accommodate the varying sizes and shapes of human limbs. Therefore this flexible product evenly fits arm, short arm, elbow, knee, tib-fib, leg, foot, heel, and even full-body casts.
How does one size fit all ages from children to adults?
If needed, the CastCooler easily adapts to differences in limb sizes simply by trimming the excess wrap material with scissors. Convenient cutting patterns are provided for child and infant sizes.
Where is the CastCooler® manufactured?
The CastCooler has been designed, tested and made entirely in the United States of America.
Does the CastCooler® require a special vacuum?
No, IF liquid is not present in the lining. The CastCooler is designed for use with a standard household vacuum. If bathing with a washable cast lining (W.L. Gore's Procel®, 3M's Scotchcast™ Wet or Dry Cast Padding, BSN's Delta-Dry®, DeRoyal's Waterpruf™, Ossur's QUICKDRY™, etc.) or if liquid is present in the lining, a wet/dry compatible vacuum MUST be used in conjunction with the CastCooler.
What are the clinical benefits of drying a cast?
Clinical research and best practices have well established the benefits of a breathable orthopedic cast. Further, the benefits of washable cast liners are well established in multiple clinical trials evaluating comfort and skin condition. The waterproof-liner group had better scores for itch (P = .008), discomfort (P < .001), irritation (P = .002), overall patient score (P = .012), and overall physician score (P = .049). (PMID: 16610379). The CastCooler will enhance these advances in casting technology by accelerating the removal of moisture from the cast lining.
Can I use the CastCooler® with an ordinary household vacuum?
Yes. However, if bathing with a washable cast lining (W.L. Gore's Procel®, 3M's Scotchcast™ Wet or Dry Cast Padding, BSN's - Delta-Dry ®, DeRoyal's Waterpruf™, Ossur's QUICKDRY™, etc.) or if liquid is present in the lining, a wet/dry compatible vacuum MUST be used in conjunction with the CastCooler.
Is the CastCooler® eligible for insurance reimbursement?
Presently, the CastCooler is not insurance reimbursable. However, the potential benefits of the CastCooler to reduce skin maceration and infection mean that the CastCooler® products are likely candidates for insurance reimbursement in the future. Presently, proposals for clinical trials are being discussed to quantify the resultant decrease in cost, duration, skin maceration, infection, and bacteria, as well as the CastCooler's improvement in orthopedic cast comfort, hygiene, and odor.
Can the CastCooler® be used with a non-porous, plaster cast?
No, the CastCooler is designed to be used with a breathable, fiberglass cast. However, CastCooler® has applied for patents on and is currently developing the CastCooler Plaster Care. A device used to remove moisture from the lining of a traditional plaster cast.
Does the CastCooler® include a warranty?
Yes, the CastCooler is completely warranted for whatever reason-- other than damage through misuse-- to insure 100% customer satisfaction. If you find that you are unsatisfied with this product, simply contact for a prompt refund.
What if I am not a medical professional and I still want to try the CastCooler® free of charge?
Tell your doctor or clinic that you would like to try the CastCooler and have them call us at 1-888-422-7882. We'll get one in the mail to their office right away!
Casts don't have to stink!

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  • Relieve cast Itch, Rash & Odor
  • Cool & Freshen your cast
  • Speed-Dry your cast
  • One size fits all breathable (fiberglass) casts:
      - Wrist, arm, foot, leg or spica cast
      - Child through Adult
  • May reduce skin maceration
  • May reduce skin infection

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