Wearing a Cast or Splint is a Bacteria Fest!

You're likely here because of a recently applied orthopedic cast or splint. As if it's not bad enough that you have to endure the pain and hassle of limited mobility, the smell and itch that comes from bacteria growing in your cast's lining can drive you absolutely crazy. The itching of your cast can prevent you from getting a good night sleep and distract you from many of your daily activities. Anyone who has never worn a cast just can't understand how unpleasant the experience can be.

And that smell...a stinky cast can be just awful to endure. It is like a dish rag in the corner of the sink. If you hang it up and let it dry it won't stink tomorrow but if you don't, it will stink.

Sometimes you can get so fed up that you just can't stand it any longer...

We Understand the Challenges of Cast/Splint Itch and Odor.

Rest assured, you are not alone. Having lived with a casts and splints, we know the challenges: itch, odor, and the feeling like you can't escape your increasingly smelly and uncomfortable cast. We have been there...multiple times. We know the uncomfortable experience of living, sleeping, working, sweating and bathing with an orthopedic cast. Your life with a cast continues but face it, wearing a cast is a pain!

Now there is hope. You can get relief from the itch and that relentless smelly cast odor.

Until now, there has not been a solution to remove the moisture in your cast's lining. You were instructed to do your best to keep your cast dry. You may have been advised to use a plastic bag when bathing. However, the most common cause of moisture --perspiration-- is ever present. No matter how dry you try to keep your cast, until now, it was impossible. As your life moves on after your break, the CastCooler provides a solution to itch, odor and that uncomfortable cast! You will be amazed at how the CastCooler provides relief that you can feel immediately. That is a very good thing!

The CastCooler benefits you.

With the CastCooler you can have a cast or splint that is:

> Fresh and Clean! (no more stinky smell)

> Completely Free of itch

> Dry and Comfortable

By keeping your cast/splint lining free from moisture, especially moisture from perspiration, the conditions for bacteria growth are signifanclty reduced. Your cast stays clean and fresh. Itch and odor are not issues because you are removing the root cause of each...moisture. Again, a very good thing!

Imagine what it will be like to have relief from Itching and Not Have to Worry About Subjecting Others to your Smelly Cast.

A cool, comfortable cast/splint is only available from the CastCooler.

The CastCooler is patented. Only the CastCooler provides immediate cooling relief from itch and odor. That's the CastCooler promise or your money back.

Moms hurt when kids hurt!

No more itchy casts!

Now there is something you can do to help your child with the unpleasant experience of wearing a cast. The CastCooler allows you to provide instant relief from the hot, sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable experience of cast wearing.

Additional CastCooler benefits:

If you should accidently get your cast wet, whether from bathing, an encounter with the lawn sprinkler or a dip in the pool, use the CastCooler to completely and rapidly dry the cast lining. If your cast becomes saturated, be sure to use a wet/dry compatible vac as liquid moisture will be drawn through the cast into your vac.

When medical professionals (Orthopedic Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses) try the CastCooler, their reaction is the same "I should have thought of that!" followed by "We want the CastCooler for our patients!"

What is the CastCooler®?

The CastCooler is a newly patented device that provides immediate relief for an itchy cast or splint. The CastCooler dries moist areas under your cast/splint without touching your skin. Keeping your cast's lining dry and cool is the best way to relieve an itching cast and reduce smelly cast odor. A dry lining stays fresh and inhibits bacteria growth...the source of odor and itch.

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  • Keep your Cast Clean & Fresh (including Hip Spica Casts)!
  • Get Immediate Relief from Bacteria that causes Itching & that Terrible Odor.

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Orthopedic Professionals recognize the CastCooler benefit.

Premier Orthopedics - Colorado Springs, CO

Covenant Orthopedic Group - Lubbock, TX

Oklahoma Sports Science & Ortho - Edmond, OK

St Vinvents Ortho Asson. of Manhattan - New York, NY

Harbor Orhtopedic & Fracture Clinic - Aberdeen, WA

University of Missouri Hospital, Comumbia, MO

University of Missouri Orthopedic Institute, Columbia, MO

Oklahoma Sports and Orthopaedic Institute - Norman, OK

The Orthopedic Center - Manchester, NH

Pinehurst Surgical Clinic - Pinehurst, NC

Orthopaedic Specialists of Alabama - Birmingham, AL

UVA Orthopedics - Charlottesville, WV

Cornerstone Orthopaedics - Fort Oglethorpe, GA

East Texas Medical Center Orthopaedic Institute - Tyler, TX

Aurora Advanced Healthcare - Milwaulkee, WA

Valley Bone and Joint Clinic - Grand Forks, ND

Jerry N. Street, MD - Houston, TX

Shady Grove Orthopedic Associates - Rockville, MD

Dr. Jesse Silverman, Orthopaedic Surgery - Denville, NJ

And many more clinics in the US plus exclusive distributorships in 9+ countries around the world.

The CastCooler is Patented

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded another US Patent #7,497,838 in addition to US Patent #7,229,425 for the CastCooler, a device used in conjunction with an orthopedic cast to remove moisture from the lining of the cast.

Odor and Itch - The CastCooler introduces new patient benefits by addressing the two long-standing issues associated with cast wearing - odor and itch. The root cause of these problems is moisture, typically from perspiration, which remains trapped in the lining of the cast. As bacterium grow in the continually moist cast lining, odor and itch result. Until now, there was no way to effectively remove this moisture.

The CastCooler freshens the cast wearing experience by removing moisture from the cast lining without touching the patient. This reduces and relieves both odor and itch. Further, the CastCooler requires no changes to the cast application process or materials. The CastCooler is designed to be used with all breathable (fiberglass) orthopedic casts.